29 Maret 2011


Hello bloggers! As its title, I wanna share the great site where the
bloggers get connected and absolutely increase traffic of your blog,
it is http://www.blogobo.com/.
I found this site when I check my blog to find out who has visit my
blog and leave comment via myCBOX gadget. As usual,
I always make a visit back and leave a trail behind by a comment or
following the blog. When I visited Blogobo, I realized that the
comment such an invitation. Blogobo.com is the place where the
bloggers get connected and this site offering more traffic to our
blog. So, I decided to join although not really sure because my blog
is using Indonesian, whereas most example that shown using English.
But my blog was approved and I just surprised, my blogs traffic
increase so significant.
So, this is another way on how to increase the traffic on the blog. If
you interested to join, it is very simple and easy. Just go to
www.blogobo.com and find the link to Apply Blog at the bottom of the
site then click. On the next page, it will show you the example of the
widget and a form to fill out the required data such complete url of
your blog including http, your name, your email address and the
average visitor of your blog per day. For example, my average visitor
was 50 per day. When you finished, procced to the next step by click
Add Site button. After that, just wait for 24 hours until your
application approved.
When your blog approved, you will receive a notification via email
that you used to submit your blog. You will see your username and
password for login to blogobo.com. When you are logged in, make sure
you access your account page to change your password. So it will be
memorable and keep your account safe. Then, you can start create your
widget as you wish. You can post your articles too or create Popundar
or logo for your article. Dont forget to place the widget to your
blog. Every articles that submitted will be voted by any readers, so
make sure you submit a good article.
Well, that is all. I am sure you know what to do next. Keep udate your
blog with great content. Happy blogging!



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