17 Februari 2012


Lately, most people use video for presentations or tutorials, and you may found such video on youtube site. In this occasion, i would like to introduce a software that can help us create a video for presentations, tutorials or even recording webcam activities. Yes, as its title it is called CAMTICA SCREEN RECORDER. With this software, you can make a video with audio for presentations or tutorials. This software will help you record any actvities on your computer screen. And you can save the video in various format including AVI or WMV. The features of this software are :

*Records entire desktop, selected region, dynamic region around mouse cursor, webcam.
*Records anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full screen and rectangular regions.
*Records desktop screen with audio and webcam together - personalizing your videos by including a webcam movie of yourself over your desktop at many position.
*Records video chats, skype video calls, games, flash movies played on site.
*Mouse highlighting spotlight the location of the cursor.
*Records video in many formats including AVI and WMV.
*Support various video and audio codecs.
*Free support and advice.
*Free lifetime updates and upgrades.
*System requirements : Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/Windows 7

And below are the examples that you can do with this software :
*Create professional screen recordings, demonstrations, presentations, screencasts, tutorials and more.
*Generate effective videos that help you train, teach, sell and more.
*Create demonstrations videos for any software program.
*Show costumers how to use products.
*Create on demand interactive training, tutorials for school or college class.
*Create a set of videos answering your most frequently asked questions.
*Share your recording on Youtube, Screencast.com and other videos sites.

And below are the screenshots of the software :

To download the trial ( purchase the full version ) and for more informations or details, visit :


Ahmad mengatakan...

bagus softwarenya gan...
kunjungannya ya gan http://bit.ly/NTA2ds


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